Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New SaLmOn Recipe - Foil Bag on the Foreman

This is superb! Plus the added bonus of no clean-up of the Georgie Peorgie Foreman!!

Take your salmon rushdie, (I use frozen from Costco, Thawed for cooking) place it in a foil pouch with a little oil rub (I used italian dressing) a slice or two of lemon, a little salt & pepper. Cook 6 minutes on the Foreman, unplug and let set on grill for 2 more. Open foil and the Salmon is Grilled/Poached/Steamed and juicy, tender, flavorful. As my Brother in law would say " IT'S FAB-u-LOUS!!!!" Throw foil away and put the foreman back in the cupboard. It's GREAT. This is an easy recipe for those Kids of mine that probably are'nt eating right so give it a try! Love Dad

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