Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chinese Happy Meal

Well I once again I had a wonderful lunch of Mandarin Fish, Chinese Green Vegetables and a G-I-Q of Tsingtao Beer. It is my last lunch her in Shanghai and it will be the same as my first lunch when I arrived last week. The fish is cut into small nibletts before it is cooked so it is very easy to eat with chopsticks. The sauce or "saurce" as we like to say is a sweet & sour tomato sauce that is just right. All this for under $20 US is truly a value meal. Looking forward to heading home as usual, but also getting together with my good friend Roger Li. I will get a picture of Roger this evening to post later.

My Chinese "HAPPY MEAL"

Monday, September 29, 2008

24 - the adventure

Here is my version of 24. The Adventures of Jack Bauer

Not an attempt to save the world from certain peril, but rather a long trip back from China so I can make a meeting in Minneapolis on Wednesday. This is all presented in Eastern Standard Time

Saturday Night 6:00PM EST (Sunday Morning 6:00AM Shanghai Time)

6:00PM Phone Alarm goes off

6:05PM Front Desk calls ensuring that I am awake

6:30PM Finish S,S&S (Shit, Shower, & Shave for those who don’t know acronyms)

6:40PM Check-out - pay bill & order Ham, Cheese Omelet (Multi-Tasking)

6:55PM Grab cab for 1hour ride to Pudong Airport

10:00PM Take off from Shanghai to Narita Tokyo Japan

12:37AM Arrive Narita Airport

2:00AM Sitting in the Club checking emails, reading (cant call no one is up at this hour) Blogging - So the following is future tense, rather than past tense, although I am posting it for auto in the farther future. This is all so very confusing and complicated. I remember when life was simpler, 3 stations on a B&W TV with one beamed in from Canada on UHF channel 50. Two pairs of shoes 1 Dress, 1 Sneaker. One pair of Jeans. Etc, Etc. We have evolved as a species!
4:20AM Board Detroit Flight from Narita

5:15AM Take off for 12 hour flight

In flight – movies, meals, book, magazines, music, Trip Notes, and To Do List and then my Sleep Meds = Dewars Scotch (3)

2:45PM Arrive Detroit – hopefully clear customs with my ill-gotten-booty-knock-off-stuff – Skip the next flight to Cleveland – My lovely bride is meeting me in Detroit for a nice 2 hour drive. Should be home by 6:00PM. - Which makes this a 24 hour adventure....... ADDED (Well instead of heading for Cleveland - we headed north to party with my wife's family and enjoy a great meal with a few pops to finish off a great week. Thanks R&J. We finally made it home @ 10:00PM - Fell asleep at 12:30. Awoke at 3AM, 5AM and finally 6AM S,S & S - Loaded up my Scooter and off to work, while stopping for an omelet, going to try and put in at least a half day.) ........ And the World Continues to be safe from all harm!

Friday, September 26, 2008

2010 Camaro SS - I'm growing back my mullet

You know that this is a motorcycle blog - however, being raised in De-troy-it I occasionally revert to my youth and post blogs about cars that I desire.

They say that folks buy cars for what they do for their "well being" and not just for transportation, they make a rolling statement about who you are or wish to be .............. well I had a Camaro & a Firebird in my Youth, and maybe the love for these cars is bringing some of that youth back!

Here is the SS It is Retro with a whole lot of modern attitude.

422 Horses??? Give me back, give me back, give me back - my mullet
(sung to the LS Give me back my Bullit)
From a link on WINDING ROAD a cool cyber car mag .......... image of the modern muscle car is notable for the fact that it is the first overall shot that GM has officially released. It showed up on the automaker's media site yesterday evening all by its lonesome with no accompanying details, but what else is there to know besides the fact it's packing a 6.2L LS3 V8 producing 422 hp and 408 lb-ft of torque? And for those who were wondering before, the nostril vent does appear to be part of the production package. Perhaps this picture's sudden appearance portends more information to come. We'll keep our ears and eyes open just in case.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

MoTiVaTiOnAl pOsTeR for Survival

I feel like this when I am in China .... like today ... wednesday walking in Shanghai.

Monday, September 22, 2008

105th Day 4 - The Museum (Cont again & again & again)

Easy Rider Bikes were also displayed along with Harley Davidson's cultural impact on movies, music, and life itself from Then Came Bronson (which only ran for one season in 1969-70) to Elvis, Wild Ones and all the other classics that we grew up with.

Capt America (with a geek in the background)

The Billy Bike

Well that wraps up our tour of the HD Museum - I would say that if you find yourself in Milwaukee, say for the 110th, 115th, or 120th - The museum is a definite must see!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Riding & Family - Family Picture Time

This post should auto-post about the time I am in the air heading for my 10th trip to China. I will be away from the post for about a week. So ...............

Even though I spend most of my time Solo riding with my buddies, I have many, many fond memories of the scooter and family. Since I was looking over all my pictures from my computer here in Ohio, and had just seen all my kids ..... I decided to post a collage for this blog. Since most of my readers are family members here are a few shots from a while back. ENJOY!!!

Daytona Bike Week Spring 2001 with my son before he moved west, got married, and headed all the way to the West Coast with his lovely bride Whitney. Myrtle Beach Bike Week with my Wife and our friends Steve & Margaret.

The Charlotte Thunder Charity Event & Ride - My daughters helping me peddle my fledgling ROAD SpEX Motorcycle Sunglass Business. We gave away more than we sold, but had a good time all the same and it was great being with my daughters.
Giving my Nephew Alex a Ride on the Glide in Pinehurst NC. Giving my Pops a Ride on the Glide. Been a while since he was on a scooter.

My Girls in Boone at App State. My son again in Daytona. And a NC trip with Steve & one of his girls.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

105th Day 4 - The Museum (Cont again)

More on the Museum visit, sorry to bore you all with my snapshots but I tried to limit what I post to only those that I really enjoyed looking at. I enjoyed the hell out of a lot of them. So bare with me while I recap our 2 & 1/2 hour walk.

The Tank Wall was awesome ........ there it was all on one wall a history of design and style of the entire 105 yrs.

The engine wall was again 105 years of HD power plants

Board Track racing was also displayed .......... crazy racing on 2x4's with little protection and no brakes!

A wall of H.O.G. owners along with their rides was also pretty spectacular. Screens randomly turned to video as members talked about their bikes. Pretty Cool.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jeff's Surgery

My sad but True Tale for hump day!

When I first noticed that my penis was growing larger and staying erect longer, I was delighted, as was my wife. But after several weeks my penis had grown fifty centimetres.
I started to became quite concerned. I was having problems dressing and even walking. So my wife & I went to see a prominent urologist.

After an initial examination the doctor explained to us that, though rare, my condition (Donkey Doodle) could be fixed through corrective surgery. "How long will Jeff be on crutches?" my wife asked anxiously. "Crutches? Why would he need crutches?" responded the surprised doctor.
"Well," my wife said coldly, "you're gunna lengthen his legs, aren't you?"

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

105th Day 4 - The Museum

We landed ashore in Milwaukee and decided to visit the Museum before heading to Chicago for a couple days, thinking that a Tuesday would be a lot less crowded than over the 105th weekend. We are glad we did, as we found out later the weekend time slots were entirely booked. We spent 2.5 hours doing the audio tour and it was pretty good. Lots of bikes and memorabilia.

Enjoy the pics!!

Steve & Jeff outside the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee.

The actual #1 Motorcycle built by Harley Davidson in the shed out back. Purchased a few years after it was sold to the original owner in 1903.

One small Gripe, as I walked the entire museum I did not see one Deuce, or any mention of the Softail Deuce that was intro'd in 2000 and and discontinued when the introduced the (IMHO) hideous Rocker, & Rocker C.