Saturday, September 20, 2008

Riding & Family - Family Picture Time

This post should auto-post about the time I am in the air heading for my 10th trip to China. I will be away from the post for about a week. So ...............

Even though I spend most of my time Solo riding with my buddies, I have many, many fond memories of the scooter and family. Since I was looking over all my pictures from my computer here in Ohio, and had just seen all my kids ..... I decided to post a collage for this blog. Since most of my readers are family members here are a few shots from a while back. ENJOY!!!

Daytona Bike Week Spring 2001 with my son before he moved west, got married, and headed all the way to the West Coast with his lovely bride Whitney. Myrtle Beach Bike Week with my Wife and our friends Steve & Margaret.

The Charlotte Thunder Charity Event & Ride - My daughters helping me peddle my fledgling ROAD SpEX Motorcycle Sunglass Business. We gave away more than we sold, but had a good time all the same and it was great being with my daughters.
Giving my Nephew Alex a Ride on the Glide in Pinehurst NC. Giving my Pops a Ride on the Glide. Been a while since he was on a scooter.

My Girls in Boone at App State. My son again in Daytona. And a NC trip with Steve & one of his girls.


Ryan said...

cooo, i actually just came across some of the daytona pictures while I was cleaning out the closet

FLHX_Dave said...

Cool picts. Thanks for sharing the family. Have a good time in China. Hope you are having your bike flown over there to keep you company.

One Harley Rider said...

Thanks flhx_dave No, but I am going to try and get to the new HD Stealership that they opened here in 2007.

Ryan - do you have any pics from Daytona that I dont??