Friday, November 28, 2008

Bad, Bad Bullwinkle!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vanishing Point - 2008 Style

If you are a fan of Muscle Cars and chase scenes, as I am - then who could forget the ultimate 70's chase flick staring Barry Newman as Kowalski. OK, I am dating myself ...... but back in the early 70's it seemed that I DATED myself quite often, if you know what I mean. (ooooh did I say that out loud?)

Anyway - there were many scenes from this movie that made an impression upon my teen mind.
Who can forget the "Chopper rider" as he race into his yard and dumped his chopper in the dirt in a hurry to help the star of the movie?

Or the Blind DJ that guided Kowalski on his coast to coast trip in his high speed 71 Challenger! Of course that actor, Clevon Little , went on to star in many films after Vanishing Point.

But as a mid-teen my favorite scene of the movie, as well as any young man my age, was that of the Nude Motorcycle Rider - Ms Gilda Texter. Gilda where are you????

All of this build up to say that I am beginning my trip on FRIDAY from Cold & SNOWY CleveLand ====>
and after a right turn onto I-77 (9 hours in the Saaaaaab Turbo) and a quick left to Pinehurst North Caakalacki I will be home for a week enjoying the company of my bride and friends and family for the Thanksgiving Holiday! I am sure to spend some time on the Deuce, as well as a round tearing up the golf course.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

This Bachelor Shit Blows!!

All right I will say it again - This Bachelor Shit Blows!!

As most of you know I have been up here in CleavLand for a year yesterday (I think). Nothing wrong with North East Ohio (except winter gray days, snow and cold) other than that it is great. Renie went to our house in NC a few weeks ago - or was it months? I miss her like crazy! OK - bachin' it may be fun for a couple weeks - but that is all!
I don't want to get all sobby and mushy but - I am not cut out to be a bachelor especially after having a wife for the last 25 years who takes care of EVERYTHING so I can focus on work. I have posted a few blogs on meals that I have mastered ...... most of them on the grill - cause it man's work - arrrh arrrrh arrrh. Now its to cold so I bought a crock pot and cooked my first meal in it. As I came home from work and opened the door - the smell of a nice home cooked meal was wafting in the air of the apartment. It almost seemed like Renie was here cooking dinner for me. But, no - I sat and ate my meal by myself (PS Bouter thanks for the Chuck Steak in tomato sauce recipe)and it was delicious.
So call me a wuss, call me a puss - I don't care I'll smack you on your noggin next time I see yah.

Anyway I have two requests for anyone who stumbles upon this blog ........

#1 If you have a killer- easy-to-make man style Crock Pot recipe please send to Even if it is a girlie recipe, I don't care if it smells good when I come home and makes me think Renie is here I will love it!!!

#2 Renie get back up here! We have Sushi Rock in CleveLand!!

That's all I have to say about that!
In the interest of bipartisanship and reaching across the isle - before asking for a recipe I will share this one from Bouter.

Follow these instructions
Go get 3-4 lb. chuck roast (beef) and 15 oz can of tomato sauce.Pour half of sauce in bottom of slow cooker add a little H2O too and give it a stir.Put roast on top of sauce.Salt and Pepper roast.Pour remaining sauce on top of roast.Set Cooker to low.Wait 12 hours.Shred roast with forks.Eat.You can thank me later.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

50 year old tooth discovered in man's head

OK - what do you get when you match a 50+ year old tooth against a pistachio shell?

Let me tell you ..... you get a chipped molar. ........ So its Thursday night and I am chomping away on some CHILI HOT pistachios that I picked up in Santa Barbra while visiting my son and daughter in law. I bit down .... thought it was the shell and it ended up being that as well as a piece of molar. Gross .............. that's what you get when your mouth is fast approaching antique status.

So I hit the sack and wake up in the morning and feel like this guy ......................... thinking that if I look in the mirror my tongue is dripping blood.

So I do a quick trip to the dentist to have him grind down the knife edge of my tooth until I can get a crown to cover the whole mess up. I think I may go with the shiny 50 cent look this time.

Wish they would pass that FREE health care quick like ..... this is gonna cost me $1,200.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Today's Funny - Peek a Boo Pikachu

OK, I guess the characters are cute, but is this what we want to teach our children?????

Monday, November 10, 2008

Today's Funny - R U Scared?

With the Bloggin' about the "wooden man" on my Daughter's website - and the "Danny-O-Day" sitting in the fruit celler in the house I grew up in ..... this seems appropriate. Bloggin' from Denver after a great visit in SB CA.