Sunday, September 14, 2008

105th - High Speed Ferry - Lake Express Day 3

The Great Lakes for those that have not seen them are in fact "Great" They contain 21% of the worlds fresh water supply and 84% of North America's fresh water supply. About 10% of the US population live in and around the Great Lakes Basin. Lake Michigan is the 2nd largest of the Great Lakes and the largest body of water in the United States.

The Great Lakes are indeed Great. Lake Michigan is approximately 300 miles long and averages 75 miles across, covering 22,300 square miles -- which is equal to the combined areas of the states of Maryland, Massachusetts and Delaware! So in other words, with a high speed ferry it takes 2.5 hours to cross and when in the middle you can not see any sight of land. The Great Lakes are indeed Great.

After a chilly ride from the sand dunes of Silver Lake Michigan we headed for Muskegon Michigan for some breakfast - and for a little fun we decided to park our bikes on the ferry in Muskegon and take the journey across the lake to Milwaukee. There were 60 bikes that morning, and 120 bikes on the afternoon voyage. Here is a shot before we loaded up in Muskegon and the ship had 4 straps per scooter to make sure they did not move.
A shot of the wake from the Lake Express Ferry - no land in sight in either direction. Above deck on a beautiful morning heading for Milwaukee.


Ryan said...

cool, i didn't know you did that.

FLHX_Dave said...

That looks like a blast. So, now I have come up with an idea so folks can ride their bikes to Hawaii. We put a flat track on a cruis ship just for bikers and they can race the bikes the entire time at sea. Give me some money and I'll make it happen!! Ride to Hawaii is now a reality.