Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chinese Happy Meal

Well I once again I had a wonderful lunch of Mandarin Fish, Chinese Green Vegetables and a G-I-Q of Tsingtao Beer. It is my last lunch her in Shanghai and it will be the same as my first lunch when I arrived last week. The fish is cut into small nibletts before it is cooked so it is very easy to eat with chopsticks. The sauce or "saurce" as we like to say is a sweet & sour tomato sauce that is just right. All this for under $20 US is truly a value meal. Looking forward to heading home as usual, but also getting together with my good friend Roger Li. I will get a picture of Roger this evening to post later.

My Chinese "HAPPY MEAL"


Big Daddy said...

Ok, You have to tell me that while over there you took photos of bikes.
And please tell me you had sense enough to rent or buy or steal a ride while over there.
Rolling thru the chinese countryside has got to be an Experience.

Ryan said...

yumm, we had that fish too while in shanghai. it was delicious.

FLHX_Dave said...

"Fish-head, fish-heads, rolly polly fish-heads. Fish-heads, fish-heads, eat them up...yum"

Happy that your happy meal was, well, happy! I second Big D's comment. I think riding the great wall would be a legendary feat.

One Harley Rider said...

Me Too! I would love to ride from end to end in China, only problem is in most major cities you are restricted to less than 250cc bikes. My plan one of these trips (there will be more) is to at least rent something with two wheels and ride the range.