Monday, September 29, 2008

24 - the adventure

Here is my version of 24. The Adventures of Jack Bauer

Not an attempt to save the world from certain peril, but rather a long trip back from China so I can make a meeting in Minneapolis on Wednesday. This is all presented in Eastern Standard Time

Saturday Night 6:00PM EST (Sunday Morning 6:00AM Shanghai Time)

6:00PM Phone Alarm goes off

6:05PM Front Desk calls ensuring that I am awake

6:30PM Finish S,S&S (Shit, Shower, & Shave for those who don’t know acronyms)

6:40PM Check-out - pay bill & order Ham, Cheese Omelet (Multi-Tasking)

6:55PM Grab cab for 1hour ride to Pudong Airport

10:00PM Take off from Shanghai to Narita Tokyo Japan

12:37AM Arrive Narita Airport

2:00AM Sitting in the Club checking emails, reading (cant call no one is up at this hour) Blogging - So the following is future tense, rather than past tense, although I am posting it for auto in the farther future. This is all so very confusing and complicated. I remember when life was simpler, 3 stations on a B&W TV with one beamed in from Canada on UHF channel 50. Two pairs of shoes 1 Dress, 1 Sneaker. One pair of Jeans. Etc, Etc. We have evolved as a species!
4:20AM Board Detroit Flight from Narita

5:15AM Take off for 12 hour flight

In flight – movies, meals, book, magazines, music, Trip Notes, and To Do List and then my Sleep Meds = Dewars Scotch (3)

2:45PM Arrive Detroit – hopefully clear customs with my ill-gotten-booty-knock-off-stuff – Skip the next flight to Cleveland – My lovely bride is meeting me in Detroit for a nice 2 hour drive. Should be home by 6:00PM. - Which makes this a 24 hour adventure....... ADDED (Well instead of heading for Cleveland - we headed north to party with my wife's family and enjoy a great meal with a few pops to finish off a great week. Thanks R&J. We finally made it home @ 10:00PM - Fell asleep at 12:30. Awoke at 3AM, 5AM and finally 6AM S,S & S - Loaded up my Scooter and off to work, while stopping for an omelet, going to try and put in at least a half day.) ........ And the World Continues to be safe from all harm!


FLHX_Dave said...

Whew, that was a close one! And here I thought I was destined for a communist existence. I think that ham, omelete and the dewars as weapons of choice were sheer genius. At least you managed to get some sort of a ride out of it.

Ann said...

Love your sleep meds! :)