Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This is my favorite "Broked-In" pair of biker boots. The pair I have are special edition Idian Motorcycle Brand. Especially nice since Indian has been in and out and in business again.

Men's Chippewa Motorcycle Black Snip Toe Harness 27868

• Men's 11" Black Odessa Snip Toe Harness Boot • Goodyear Leather Welt Construction• Leather Lining • Texon® Insole• Vibram® Mini Lug Yellow Plug Outsole $224.95 ++++++++++++++++


My 2nd favorite pair is a pair of Frye Boots ..thats engineer boots ... Boots that I could not afford back in the day .... like I'm Talkin Hi-School kids, when Frye was "da Bomb" and all the moneied kids wore em (that means not me) Well now that I can afford a pair I have them sittin around just for Shits&Giggles cause I can, they are for when the Chipp's start to tire out. May be a long friggen time, but ya gotta have back-up plans. Renie, when I kick the bucket ...... bury me in these babies, with a nice suit. No one will see em anyways.


Camron said...

Thanks for the good word, I need a new pair of good boots.
It's always nice to have the experience of other riders to base these decisions on.
Now I absolutely LOVE my Fox Creek Leather Jacket... I got the vented Bomber... Great Leather.
Thanks again & Nice to "meet" you.

Ryan said...

hey, where are my boots??? Don't get rid of those puppies. I want to get them back!!!!!