Sunday, February 17, 2008

El Camino (you must be from the future)

I was reading in one of my MONTHLY Motor Trend mag, .... no it was my MONTHLY Winding Road e-mag, ....... No wait it was my WEEKLY AutoWeek mag, ..... no it was my DAILY enewsletter called Daily Driver where I spotted an El Camino on a Handy Dandy Car Hauler while reading about the new Camero. Pointed out in the photo I have retouched below.

Could it be the New EL?

Best of both worlds?

Truck/Car .... Car/Truck?

The Holden in Austrailia is what they will probably base the El on. ..... Why all the blogging on the new El? ....... Oh, I want One!!!!

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Larry T C Guy said...

Checklist for owning an el camino:

bushy mustache:
business in the front part in the back (some may call this a mullet, I call it an el camino):
missing teefs:
a neck that is red:
frogmore stew recipe:
kids named bobby sue and bobby joe:

If you answered yes to at least two, then git' r' done