Saturday, February 16, 2008

The El Camino Story (from the past)

El Camino's have been with us from 1959 when GM intorduced the 1st Truck/Car or Car/Truck. They stopped selling the EL in 1988 (1987 model year ended with 425 vehicles that were sold in 1988 as current model year). The El Camino went through 5 generations as depicted below. Why? you asked am I talking about the El??? Well ........... you know I am a car and truck and motorcycle guy ........ and they might be coming back out with the El. And - Oh yeah. I want one! However, I needed to share knowlege of the El with my younger readers so in my next post I can show you the latest and greatest potential El's.

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the gm master said...

I think you mean "cruck". Or "trar" would work, if you prefer that.