Wednesday, October 29, 2008

cOnFiDeNtIaL - Only to be read by family members

I am responding to my daughter-in-law's challenge to post "20 things you may not know about me" so here they are - no judging please:

1) I was insanely shy through High School & College (I know, you don't believe it, ask my Mom) I can thank my first wife & my mentor Bill A for helping me overcome this.

2) I have been on TV twice - Once on CNBC and once on QVC
3) I was born in the great state of South Dakota - It's destiny that I own Harley's

4) I never, ever thought I would be good in sales
5) I just read "THE SHACK" I wish everyone would.

6) I would love to live in China, for a while
7) In Jr High I was supposed to fight George Padot in the Butcher Woods after school - He showed up and said he could not fight because of a steel plate in his head (I was Glad)
8) I believe that the "middle child syndrome" is poppy-cock

9) I have only ridden 44,184 miles on 3 motorcycles

8) I kissed a girl and I liked it! Still do.

9) In grade school Debora Prenkie beat me up under the monkey-bars. (and I liked that too)
.................................DEBORA =====>
10) On Devils Night in High School - Kevin, Jeff, Bro Mike and I slept out in Jeff A's back yard. Loaded with a dozen eggs each we headed to Ryan Road to launch eggs @ Jerry Karwowski's house. LOCK - LOAD - FIRE - first 4 eggs tossed - brought the sound of broken glass. Oops - We dropped the eggs and headed for our tents. "My name is Harley Rider" - Sorry Jerry!

11) I am constantly in need of more Cowbell!

12) We grew up in a house with a Fruit Cellar in the basement. My mother would send me to get Applesauce, Pickles, or whatever, and I had to bring a hammer or bat with me because I was scared shit less. You see - my cast aside Danny-O-Day puppet was sitting on the shelf - waiting for me - angry with me - staring at me - judging me!

13) I like Black

14) I hate yard work

15) I occasionally like to cook

16) I miss my WIFE!!!!!

17) Patience comes with age I have always been told. I am past the half century mark and I can impatiently tell you that is PURE 100% Bull Shit!

18) I support P.E.T.A. - People Eating Tasty Animals especially Lamb Chops

19) I used to have a healthy 401K (now my kids will have to take care of me when I get old)

20) I can not think of any more that you need to know - Oh except that I have a watch, bag, leather jacket, boot, briefcase fetish that I can not control!!

Well that's it, hope this sheds some light on my odd "being" and behavior. Happy Halloween!


Whitney said...

Hey - your list has 22 things! You did 8 and 9 twice.

7, 9b, 10, and 12 are great! Your list was worth the wait!

One Harley Rider said...

Oh - and number 23 ..... to this day I can't count!

On the move said...

What about your uncontrollable fetish for anything Harley?

Erin said...

um how about the fact that you told your young children that you were using their baby teeth to build a small wooden man with TEETH in our basement...thats a good one. I want to draw you a picture of what I imagined... I might just do that.

Anonymous said...

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