Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hookers, Basani, V&H, or Bubs

I am looking for pipes for the Cross Bones ............ I wanted Softail True Duals in Ceramic Black, but could not find them in other than Chrome. So I have 4 or 6 different versions pictured below .... any votes on what would look good??? By the way, my CrossBones is Flat Black - or Denim Black is the Official Color.

Hooker - Rebel Darksides (in black)

Hooker - Fourbidden Down Turn
Vance & Hines Short Shot or Big Radius Bub Cross Backs
Or Other recommendations _______________ Cast your vote
For me at this point, I think it may be the Hooker Fourbidden Downturns.


Willy D said...

Don't know. What color is your bike? The Rebel Darksides look good on the white bike. The Fourbidden Down Turns would look good to. I aways go with "I'm the owner, I'll do it the way I like it". I would narrow it down to those two.

Ryan said...