Saturday, October 11, 2008

3rd Bike - My wife would Kill me - Triumph 50th Anniversary

OK - Hopefully my wife will not read this blog ........ While browsing my October Issue of AutoWeek I came across the 50Th Anniversary 2008 Triumph Bonneville.

I will spare readers here of all the specs - however, I feel that supporting the Brits at this juncture would definitely be of a noble cause. After all the Brits normally support our renegade global spats and other such nonsense.

So TIT-for-TAT & Jolly Good, and all that Proper English Rubbish - this scooter shall be Number 3 in the stable when the time arrives for me to pull the trigger, I would use it to go and hoist a pint at the local pub, so to speak, if you will, as it were, carry on. Chaps!



Ann said...

We have a Bonneville. It's a '71. Great bike!

B.B. said...

That would make a beautiful addition to any family!

FLHX_Dave said...

I like it! Hmmm...I'm not too keen on Italian or British electrical though. Hope there's none on my HD!!

It is a classy machine however.

I really think you need to hold out for the new Crocker. They should be releasing it around Christmas. I'll go in halfs with you if you let me keep it in my garage!

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