Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Senior Freek'n Citizen???

I am not real tech savvy on the PC and with other web "thingies". As soon as I figure them out, it seems that they are on to the next Tech marvel. (at least I can Blog)

I check out,, and to see what they are offering every once and a while. I have even bought a few electronic gadgets over the past year or so.

I was scanning one of the sites the other day and this description FLOORED me. It referred to my beloved Generational segment as a "The baby-boomin’, pre-military-industrial-complex-era senior citizen" Might as well have called us Geezers while they were at it!!!

I am sure that I or folks my age are not their target audience to start with, but I say that we Boycott DC Fashion. Since I have never really heard of DC I guess they sell this stuff to "Pimple Faced - Wanna be Gangstas - Gold Chain wearin - baggy ASS panted - Punk ass MoFo's - Fo Sho" Wishin they was cool enough to be "Baby Boom'n Bad Assed Biker Boys"

Anyway - here is the ad for a flannel shirt - BTW - Back in the Day we wore the hell out of flannel shirts. Ain't nuttin new homie! To use a Dave'ism ...... pssssst!

Like you, the DC Men’s Cam Flannel Shirt had no idea what an epaulet was until it found itself wearing some. The baby-boomin’, pre-military-industrial-complex-era senior citizens who live next to Cam informed him that an epaulet is for storing your beret when you aren’t wearing it. You mean my beanie? Yes, young man, your stocking cap.

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FLHX_Dave said...

pffffttt....pfffftttt....pssssst and double grrrrrrr!

This world is made for the young but the old control it...don't forget that you snot-nosed punks. When it comes right down to it your smart remarks are not going to save your asses when the fury of reality paws you on the snout! the time you realize that you too will be old.

Take that you young whipper snappers!