Monday, March 23, 2009

Chinese Police Destroy 14,277 Motorcycles in Efforts to Halt Bike-Based Crimes

Motorcycles don't steal - people steal! Stop the insanity!!
In an apparent attempt to cut back on motorcycle based purse snatchings and other crimes of daring-do, Chinese authorities in the city of Shenzhen have embarked upon a major offensive against illegal two-wheelers.

Shenzhen’s Daily Sunshine has reported that 14,277 confiscated motorbikes were destroyed by bulldozers recently, following a binge this past April of 9532 wrecked cycles. While reports remain sketchy about what actually constitutes and “illegal” motorcycle, authorities haven’t been shy in their crusade, confiscating over 580,000 bikes since a 2003 ban took effect. Currently no bikes are allowed in most parts of the downtown area, and the city has been stopped allowing new registrations of motorcycles since 1998.

Motorcyclists may find those kinds of sanctions more than harsh, but the program has been effective according to the article, which says that motorcycle-based crimes are down more than 58 percent compared to last year. The police have even busted up three “motorcycle robbery gangs” in that time. There’s got to be the makings of at least one Rush Hour script here, right?


Big Daddy said...

Are ya Trying to give me nightmares?
Jesus...don't let the assholes in Washington DC get ahold of this.

FLHX_Dave said...

NOOOOOOOO!!! brrrpppwhaaaaaaaa! whaaaaaaaaaa....sniff, sniff...bastards!

We need to send in the Marines! This is Cyclecide and an outrage!

I'm starting a campaign to train purse snatchers how to do the deed on roller's the only way to save the motorcycle!

FLHX_Dave said...
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Allen Madding said...

If they are only crushing chinese motorcycles, then they are doing the world a favor :)


Willy D said...

I think Allen has a point. No great loss.

Motorcycle Friend said...

What a waste. They could have given to charities in other developing countries or cities. Many people could have benefited from those.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I'm shedding right now. TEARS that is.