Friday, March 13, 2009

Daytona Spring Bike Week 2009

Why I love Bike Rallies - other than the usual Bikes, Babes, & Beer


Why do I love Bike Rallies?

It finally dawned on me on me, What I like best about Bike Events, while riding in the cold on our most recent trip to 2009 Daytona Spring Rally. The 1st thing that I need to say is that the saddle time is most rewarding - especially if you have had the winter I had up in NE Ohio - as well as being couped up in trains, planes, automobiles for a 24 hour marathon trip back from Asia. Anyway Bike Week is an opportunity to stay in the most basic (DUMP) motel/hotel, eat foods that your wife would rather you didn't, there ain't no making beds, or picking towels or putting shit where it's SUPPOSED to go, you can drink beer, buy chrome you don't need - and just be a GUY for a long weekend. That's what I like!

With that said let me tell you about our plush accommodations. Which by the way was right on the ocean - Now, I have been to Daytona Beach about a half dozen times and this was the first time I actually saw the ocean - who knew there was a beach? Maybe next time I'll swim.

The very nice and very pregnant gal at the front desk said that the room came with a mini fridge, coffee pot and microwave - if they weren't stolen. She also said that we could check the room out before we decided - well that was plenty endorsement for us.

Upon checking into the room we noticed that it did indeed have its microwave stolen along with a lampshade and bedside telephone. What was left was plenty of worn fabrics, crusty carpet, and a room that needed some "freshening". At this point we had committed!

Arrrgh arrrgh arrrgh - so we sucked it up as we walked cautiously across the dirty worn carpet hoping not to pick up any infectious toe fungus. My riding buddy asked me if my wife would ever stay in a place like this and I had to admit that she would probably not, but would choose rather to sleep in the car - since we only had scooters with us - we decided to make it home for a few days.

The amenities packet included with the room was an all-in-one Cube that served as Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Shave Cream, toothpaste and basic 1st aid kit - all in a rectangle smaller that a Andes Dinner Mint.
We had a great time as always and as with all Bike Week Venues there was plenty of B,B & B although the cold weather & economy seemed to have taken a toll on attendance and exposure. ENJOY!!


"Joker" said...

Glad you had a good time. No bike rally trip is complete without a few nights in the "no-tell motel."

As long as nothing in there moved besides you and your buddy, it's all good!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I just talked to a co-worker today that just got back from there. Looks like you had a great time as they did.

FLHX_Dave said...

Dump? That is a biker's palace my friend! Love it, love it.

The Lite girl, with the nice ass? I'm gonna have to beat B.B...she said she was at her parents house!

However...the best pict was that WLA. I completely got wood on that. I have dreams about that bike. THAT is the only bike I would waste obscene amounts of money on.

Thanks for the tour. Glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Microwaves are overrated anyway. Thanks for sharing.

Ride on,

B.B. said...

I hate staying in hotels, I think I'd rather camp. When I do have to stay at a hotel I bring a nice smell-good candle so at least I can get rid of the stench. Anyways, great pics, glad you had a good time!

Webster World said...

My mind got right into what I wanted those white shorts to say. Love the Bud team. The room only had a little black and pink mold. Not bad. Glad Daytona treated you right.

fasthair said...

Mr. HDR: Chrome you don't need? There is no such thing. All chrome is needed! Remember that the next time the wife ask "what more chrome?"

You didn't happen to bring that brunette home for me did you?