Saturday, January 3, 2009

Olan Mills Awesomeness ...... Final

Kenneth and his prom date.
Grapefruit smuggling isn't a crime, but posing it in profile should be.

I got a $20 that says he drives a Camaro.

Hiroshima, 1945. The last known photo of Kelli and Senor Loco.

Someone paid money for this.

Talk about a third wheel ....

Nothing says 1973 quite like denim and helmet hair.

I'd hide my face too, little girl.
She's looking for the speaker that's piping in "Muskrat Love" so she can blast it with her laser eyes.
And don't miss the 1st Presbyterian Players as they perform Godspell next Wed night in the fellowship hall. Childcare will be provided. Please bring a covered dish to pass.
This photo isn't discolored - the 70's were really that orange.

Dawn and her recently exhumed sister, Gorgotha, pose with Scraps.

You'd think Pearle Vision would throw in another two pair for free

Patrick broke ranks and chose Drag over the bow tie

The library might be more believable if the shelves weren't sloping downhill.

Bobbie isn't the first waitress to fall for her manager, but she and Dale both got fired from Shoney's.
B-52's, the early years.


"Joker" said...

The Grapefruit Smuggler gets my vote. WOW!!!!

Ann said...

These are so awesome! My mom took my 2 older sisters and me to get our pics taken at Olan Mills, probably in 1978. We all resembled 'Gorgotha' and we look nothing like that in real life! I honestly can't believe they're still in business with the lousy pics they take! :)

Ash said...

I don't know what you're laughing at...the 4 brothers pic looks oddly similar to the one hanging in our hallway of the White boys.

mrs rc said...

I had photos taken at Olan Mills with that same library background back when I graduated college. To this day I still say its the best picture ever taken of me!

MARCIE said...

Dale at Shoneys made me laugh the hardest.

Webster World said...

I'd better get down there and get a job at Homeland . I'd be perfect to check for smuggeled grapefruits