Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Great White North - Yoooo Hoser!

OK - this is in no way a complaint - as some of you may know .... I am very,very,very,very, very, very fortunate. I use 6 "very's" because I have 3 Lovely active and productive children, and Lovely daughter-in-law - an absolutely supportive and caring wife and a GREAT job. My wife not only allows me to have 2 Harleys (could have used 2 more very's), but she encouraged me to keep my 1st after I had purchased my 2nd (not knowing of course that I would end up working in the north while continuing to have a house in the south. So if anyone thinks I would trade her in on another - think again - ain't gonna happen - wouldn't be prudent.

So last Friday we left the North in a Blizzard - and I was able to spend the weekend in the beautiful 60 degrees. I got to ride all over town and enjoy a weekend in the South. Returning Monday this is what the Great White North looked like from the air!!!!!!!! And we are getting another 4-6 today with temps dropping to the teens or less.
CleveLand just to the right of the wing in the Top Left Corner - Lake Erie to the North and snow everywhere.
The other side of CleveLand area.
And finally the airport that looks like the Arctic Circle.
As I said I am not complaining - but I wish my Job could be in the South!!!!


Allen Madding said...

I can sympathize with you, dude. I worked two weeks before Christmas in Michigan. I could NOT live there!


Big Daddy said...

And that's why I moved to AZ.

FLHX_Dave said...

Nasty...your the man and I suddenly feel like a pussy.

"Joker" said...

According to the weatherman, when the kids get on the school bus in the morning it's supposed to be in the single digits. Brrrrrr!

Time to check the battery tender.

B.B. said...

Did I mention I don't like snow? Great pics though, thanks for sharing, now I feel even more fortunate for the 70's we've been having all week.

Willy D said...

I can go to Tahoe and look at that nasty stuff and leave. Won't live or work in it. No sir. No more.