Monday, January 14, 2008


I like Moving Avatars. I am not even sure what an Avatar is but I like them, in fact I find myself collecting them if I like them a Lot. So now I have all these moving Avatars locked up in my computer, which does not seem entirely fair to the Avatars and their relative ability for movement. My question is, If a moving Avatar is not being viewed, is it moving? Quite a quandary if I don't say so myself. Well anyway, enough deep thinking for one day. What I will attempt to do occasionally is to share my captured moving Avatars with you all on my blog ..... and in keeping with my theme of "scooter riding" you will notice that most of these are in fact two wheel related. So enjoy as I have ................... You may have to click on the image to see the movement ..... I don't know why that is, as I have successfully included several of these on my blog ..... I ride in my free time, rather than try and understand the inner workings of the bits & bites box on the floor by my feet.

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