Wednesday, January 16, 2008

67th Annual Black Hills Motor Classic (Part 5)

All right, where were we? The next day of the rally was more of the same B,B, &B (Babes, Bikes & Beer) as we road around looking at all that these rallies have to offer. The weather was fantastic, warm with no rain in the entire weeks forecast.

Enjoying a cold one on a beautiful set of upholstered rocking chairs, brought in special for the event, I am Certain.

Mom & Noreen, Girls if you are reading this - I am not a perv - just a healthy adult American male. I guess it is explained as visual stimuli. Part of the view in the Wild, Wild West, as natural at Bike Week as Mt Rushmore & the Spearfish Canyon.

Yeah Baby!!!!

Well anyway, fun was had by all, as we took in most of what Sturgis had to offer in the heat of August. Stay tuned for more adventures.

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