Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pot Calling the Kettle Black, Those that live in Glass Houses - Stones, etc. - & all that stuff my Mom taught me.

"The height of Irresponsibility" was the term Obama used to explain recent Wall Street bonus payouts, Raises, and Corporate Perks. We must have accountability to the American Taxpayer!!! Well - how about starting in your own back yard??

I am growing tired of ALL politicians pointing fingers at business saying YOU ARE BAD, when they turn around and enjoy the perks that the are accusing others of, after all, is government not subject to accountability for spending taxpayer dollars? Yours and Mine??

This is not a Dem or Rep issue - this is a political issue.

BTW I agree with Obama calling for common sense - That is not my issue, my issue is lets spread the responsibility for justice around. Defending the spending below by saying it is an important planning event is not justification - you can plan in Washington DC just as easy as in a resort.

$500K spent on Dem caucus retreats
By Susan Crabtree
Posted: 02/03/09 07:10 PM [ET]
The House Democratic Caucus spent more than $500,000 in taxpayer money over the past five years for its annual retreats at resorts in Pennsylvania and Virginia.
On Thursday, Democrats will head to the Kingsmill Resort and Spa in historic Williamsburg, Va., for the three-day planning powwow. The resort boasts multiple championship golf courses, a full-service spa and six restaurants.

Individual lawmakers pay for most of the expenses related to retreat lodging through their campaign committees, but the Democratic Caucus subsidizes some of the costs for what aides consider “official business” — to the tune of nearly $100,000 each year, according to a Democratic aide involved in retreat planning.

For instance, the caucus picks up the hefty transportation tab, as well as the thousands of dollars in expenses each year for guest speakers, food and entertainment, according to financial disbursement records.

Democratic leadership sources were reluctant to talk about any aspect of the trip, but they defended it as an important planning session for the entire country.............................


Mastercheif said...

I hear you on this. The minute I started hearing the talk about limiting salaries, I knew we were going the wrong way. I don't own a business and I don't have a lot of money, but I do work for very rich people who spend a lot of money and have worked their asses off to create the place I work. I hate the class warfare going on. I have never worked for a poor person, so I am very appreciative of the filthy rich people I work for and the hard work they put in to give me a job. Yeah, some business owners suck, but you don't need to work for them and you don't need to do business with them. Great points!

Ann said...

Well said, Mastercheif.

I'm tired of all this BS, too. But you're right. Can't they just do this in Washington? WTF?!

"Joker" said...


ed said...

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