Monday, February 23, 2009

Don't play with your food! Did that just move?

So I am chowing down a pretty tasty omelet here in Taiwan on Saturday afternoon and my traveling associates says - there is something in those eggs that I can't say out loud.

So she spells out the word M-A-G-G-O-T-S for me, as if spelling the word makes it any less gross. Having been a garbage man in the steamy hot spring and summer months of 1975 in the Detroit area, I don't need any further definition of the word!!!!

Well, Come to find out these were Fancy Pants MAGGOTS, not your run of the mill Fly Pupae - but "Royal Jelly Sucking Bee Prodigy", full of exciting nutrients being whisked off to my virgin blood stream for carnivorous consumption. And to tell you the absolutely truth - these little morsels of goodness mixed with eggs and veggies did not taste all that bad.

If one would have moved on my chop stick however, I would have flashed back to the summer of 75 and hurled all over my new Taiwanese friends. (didn't Bush Sr do that back during his term?)

There is another food I can check off the Bucket List.

Please pass the Royal Jelly

Thinking that the worst is over and we can settle in to some normal cuisine - I again hear my friend say as the next course is delivered - Oh My God - we are getting all the creepy crawly food stuffs that exist here in this island country of 23 million. Flash fried Bamboo Worms on a bed of Greens.

Once again, if you can get by thinking about it - and just taste it - you don't really mind the flavor.

My metal was again tested in the land of exotic foods and I can say I did my Country proud!!!


"Joker" said...

Man vs. Wild in Asia...go for it!

Ann said...

It's like 'Fear Factor' in Taiwan! Ewwww!

Ryan said...

good thing you didn't have a flash back, they might not invite you back!!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Good for you for at least trying them. I'll try just about anything if someone else eats it first, and proves to me that people actually do eat this stuff.

FLHX_Dave said...

Yuuuuuuuummmmmm. You can eat anything when it comes right down to it. It's all upstairs.

I have eaten some pretty nasty stuff. Congrats on being a survivor. Enjoy the rest of the trip!

On the move said...

I watched a recored episode of Grey's Anatomy last night. One of the guys had parasites (actually egg sacs with worms in them)in his brain from eating some fruit in Mexico. Please don't come home with any parasites!

Willy D said...

Hey, it’s all good. Probably better for you than all that processed junk in the supermarket.

ed said...

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John Ashford said...

And I thought I had a steel stomach. The award belongs to you.

Ride on,