Sunday, February 15, 2009

Easy Rider - China Connection - Roger Li

I have been in a Shit Storm at work trying to prepare for a major meeting happening tomorrow (this is where the board will say - Good Job or You Suck) - it will be the former in this case. Also preparing for another Asian Invasion trip to Hong Kong - Taiwan - Shanghai and coming back to DAYTONA BIKEWEEK when I return!!!! While bloggin on this Sunday morning I remembered taking a shot of a friend of mine who visited us in Charlotte for the weekend a few years back, and even though we no longer work together I will again spend some time with Roger in Shanghai. Here is a few pics of Roger on the Deuce and out about town with my girls. Blog you next from Asia!!
Roger the pics are for you. See you next week.


FLHX_Dave said...

Safe journey, Best wishes for the presentation and looking forward to hearing from China!

B.B. said...

Safe travels!

John Ashford said...

Sounds extremely exciting! Take care & report back!

Ride on,