Sunday, March 16, 2008

SUV - Scooter Utility Vehicle URAL

I blogged earlier about the URAL that we saw at the Cleveland Motorcycle Show ...... Here is a new announcement on the new Russian URAL SUV.

Engageable sidecar driveshaft, just like what NATO uses; extra headlight fits in machine-gun mount; mechanical reverse gear.

Ural's three-wheel SUV. 749-cc, 40-hp, air-cooled, horizontally opposed twin; 739-lb dry weight; 62-mph top speed.COMPETITIVE SET: In a class of its own, with on-demand, two-wheel-drive sidecar.

BASE PRICE: $11,999ON SALE: Now It's heavy and slow, but this Russian bike is virtually indestructible. By engaging two-wheel drive, you can go just about anywhere. From summer ice cream runs to camping expeditions, this is huge retro fun. Many reliability upgrades have been made since the original 1939, BMW-based version. You get a two-year warranty and usually can fix anything with pliers and baling wire. To save $500, buy the Patrol model with shiny paint.

IN OUR OPINION: More retro fun per dollar than anything else on the market.

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On the move said...

Are they good in the snow?