Thursday, November 8, 2007

67th Annual Black Hills Motor Classic (Part 3) VERY LATE

Well ...... I received a message from a
reader that said my blog was LAME O
because I have not updated in a long time!!!!
He was absolutely correct. I have not I will blame it on my new job etc etc, but here
is my 2008 Part 3 Update; We rented a camper at the famous Buffalo Chip Campground
which was filled with rock bands, biker vendors, beer, tattoo shops, bikers, and beer.

The folks that showed us to our camper showed us a little more than just our camper.
Since this is a family site I have modified the picture a little with not one but two
Gar street signs. Anyway, back to the accommodations .... it was great having
running water, air conditioning and a cold fridge for refreshments. Check it out -
hopefully I will not wait as long for part 4.

Thanks and Good Night!!!!

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Whitney said...

Yay! Harley Davidson Chronicles is back!