Saturday, July 12, 2008

117 Stores and Going Strong (sort of) - WHITE CASTLE

I rode my scooter to work the other day and ventured to an auto parts store at lunch time, across the parking lot was a WHITE CASTLE calling my name.

After spending the last few weeks existing on 6" Wheat, Turkey, Veggies, no cheese, no mayo - I though I deserved a # 1 = 4 WC Hamburgers, Fries, Coke & throw in a Bacon Cheese Burger for another $1.11. With something this small how could it hurt?

Well, as I sat on the shiny aluminum furniture and enjoyed a steamy soft burger concoction I reminisced about my youth in Detroit, where we devoured White Castles by the Sack full late in the evening after a night of underage drinking. (do not try this at home) I remember thinking that the shiny stainless steel furniture and tile floors made it easy for cleaning the next morning after a crowd full of drunks the night before - Just open doors on either side of the building - turn on the fire hose and in 30 seconds or less you are ready for another day of flipping burgers. Speaking of Flipping Burgers, I forgot to mention that White Castle Burgers do not have to be flipped. They have a patented square shape with 5 holes in the patty to allow them to cook completely from the one side. Genius!! and oh so delicious.

WHITE CASTLE FUN FACTS: in case you were wondering
1921 The first White Castle opens in Wichita, Kansas.
1930 White Castle hires a food scientist to run tests to determine the nutritional value of White Castle hamburgers. One study involves having a medical student live on nothing but White Castle burgers and water for 13 weeks, with no ill effects reported.
1931 White Castle begins using frozen beef patties and develops a crush-resistant cardboard carton that is specially lined to keep the burgers hot.
1932 White Castle runs the first fast food coupon advertising campaign, offering 5 hamburgers for the price of 2.

1949 Five holes are added to the already uniquely-shaped hamburger patty.

1954 White Castle patents its square hamburger patty with five holes.

1961 White Castle becomes the first hamburger chain to reach the 1 billion in sales mark.

1962 Cheeseburgers are added to the White Castle menu.

1968 The 2 billion in sales mark is achieved.

1986 The Smithereens, a New Jersey rock group, records "White Castle Blues" on its debut album.

1987 Frozen White Castle hamburgers and cheeseburgers are introduced to grocery stores.
So - if you have never tried 4 of these and you are riding or driving by one for the first time - I say stop in and "buy em by the sack"


Anonymous said...

white castle is great, but Power's burgers in Ft. Wayne are to die for.

FLHX_Dave said...

I didn't even know Whitecastle actually existed until "Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle", one of my all time favorite movies. I thought it was a made up joint.

Time to make my own movie. "VD goes to WhiteCastle". Another two wheeled destination in the making.