Monday, June 30, 2008

Trip to the West Side Market - Cleveland

Exploring the New City

So we journeyed to the West Side Market on Saturday afternoon to buy FRESH everything. Have you ever heard that CLEVELAND ROCKS? Well this market certainly does! Renie and I were so amazed at the size of this market that we ended up buying only a few things for a wonderful dinner as you can see in the attached pics. I brought the camera to document the market and surrounding area, but the battery was dead, but we have illustrated below the fruits of our successful hunting & gathering expedition.

Worlds Famous Jalapeno Peppers ( Pioneer Woman's Blog ) with a wonderful filling wrapped in (Market Fresh) Thick Cut Peppered Bacon. We bought 10 peppers enough for 20 Delicious snacky-thingies, Renie told me she had eaten 4, and there were none left over, and I wonder why I have put on a little weight. 30lbs.(Market Fresh) Peppers
(Market Fresh) Michigan asparagus
(Market Fresh) Corn-on-the-Cob
(Market Fresh) Never Frozen - Pan Fried Ocean Perch
Can you Say? Perfect Meal!

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Rick said...

The food looks awesome. The markets are certainly one of the best things about summer.