Sunday, April 27, 2008

Treat it Like it's Your Money - Cause it is!!!

WARNING!!! Government spending is at your expense. I have been paying a little more attention to politics & politicians lately, as if you could help not. - like everyone we are bombarded with coverage due to the race for the White House.

I hear folks saying that they have less disposable income and the government should be helping. Of course the politicians are all for helping - promising to get you jobs, and pay for your health care, and provide education and, and, and - If government could do this, why have they not done it by now. Fact is all government can do is take money from some and give to others. That is it!

I am all for paying to help those less fortunate ...... but we are quickly becoming a society of "less fortunate's" and why not? Government is promising to take care of everyone NOW (they will not be able to take of me when I retire w/ Social Security, why would I think they could do it now?.)

So my political rant for the week is over- have a nice day. I am going to have a government cheese omelet.

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Camron said...

Thanks for posting this. I am a student of politics and I'm quickly losing hope. Our politicians, (Notice I didn't call them "Leaders" there's a reason for that) Don't have any clue about anything except how to keep the campaign checks rolling in. When you look at the field of contenders for the White House, it's enough to make a person want to move to Canada.
Mostly I'm thanking you for not standing for or against any particular candidate in this post. Any honest person knows none of these are different enough to change 200 years of political tradition. It would take a National movement. To get that you'd have to teach this country how to stand up again, something we've obviously forgotten.
Aye Yaye Yaye... I'm ranting now.
Welcome back, hope your trip was good.