Monday, April 14, 2008

Beautiful Cod ??

Maybe my Blog should be renamed "Harley Chronicles of a truck loving, car wanting, fish eating guy who is moving from the South to the North". By the way the moving from the South to the North is kind of "Bass-Ackwards". I was cooking myself another healthy meal of Fish & Sauteed Veggies, when I got to thinking that I trashed the Sea Bass in all it's ugliness a few blogs ago. So I thought ..... tonight is Cod, a nice flaky white fish that I thought was a decent looking fish from our bountiful seas. WOW - Was I wrong check out this prehistoric freekin monster. Looks like it belongs on Doom or Halo 3, as a top level monster to be defeated to win the game, or at least jump a few levels. Wow, how much ammo and how many lives do I have left to beat this hideous beast? COD Mode
Classic cod shape, (Head, Body, Tail, & some killer Fangs) with three rounded dorsal and two anal fins (Anal fins? I think I had that once when I ate Tacos) . The pelvic fins are small with the first ray extended, and are set under the gill cover in front of the pectorals. The upper jaw extends over the lower jaw (and can swallow a green suited fisherman whole), which has a well developed chin barbel. Medium sized eyes, approximately the same as the length of the chin barbel. It has a distinct white lateral line running from the gill slit above the pectoral fin, to the base of the caudal or tail fin. (come to find out there are many many species of fish that are sold as Cod, probably due to the Cod eating most other species) The back tends to be a greenish to sandy brown, and showing extensive mottling especially towards the lighter sides and white belly. Dark brown colouration of the back and sides is not uncommon especially for individuals (Individuals? Is a fish an Individual? When did they pass that Law. I'm pissed, I would have voted NO on Proposition 12 to give Cod - Individual Status - next thing you know they will want ot marry) who have resided in rocky inshore regions.

Once again, it is amazing to me that such a Butt-Ugly fish can look so good on a plate!!! Thank goodness for supermarket foam tray packaging and clear saran wrap.


Ryan said...

how would you like to be swimming and have that thing brush up against you!!!!

Anonymous said...

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