Sunday, July 5, 2009

Topsy - Turvy

We are joining the ranks of home gardeners - about $50 bucks later we should have about $4 worth of tomatoes and squash! Less than a week and we have two "maters" started! I feel like man Vs wild - Cleveland! Self sustaining.


FLHX_Dave said...

I hear this is the best way to grow this stuff...I'll never know because I kill everything around me.

I have managed to keep a bonsai tree alive for 4 years!....but that's it.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

You sure that ain't hemp?

I've managed to do the opposite. I've killed about 4 bonsai trees in about 1 year. My wife refuses to let me get my hands on another!

kathy said...


A few more weeks and you'll be slurping drippy tomato sandwiches.


Janet/Corn Dog said...

Hey guess what, they grow upright too! I'm curious how these TT plants hold up - seems to me all that weight suspended from where the stem meets the soil would put too much stress on the plant and it would fall off. What do I know, been gardening 20 years and only got as far as cleaning off the walnut tree droppings from the patio every year. LOL Enjoy your 'maters!