Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Goodies for the XBones

Been away awhile - having some work done on the scooter to make it mine........ Here is a short rundown with some pics.
SUPERTRAP 2 into 1 Ceramic Black Pipes. Screaming Eagle Pro Race Super Tuner. Sounds the way I like it. Quiet enough to leave the neighborhood at 6 AM, but loud enough to let them know I'm gone. Increased throttle response and HP. Lowered 1 inch, low profile seat.
Leather Tool Bag - Custom mount on swingarm bracket with powder coat emblem. No Chrome is my theme!

Harley Davidson Sales Co, Cleveland Ohio - Dip Dot

Patent Logo on Front Spring

Larosa Swingarm Chopper Bag!
It's getting to be mine more and more everyday!


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Nice looking scooter man!

fasthair said...

Starting to look really good! Pipe looks great on this bike. Now rip those ugly reflectors off for a cheap easy upgrade :) Hint heat gun or hair dryer will help them come off eaiser.