Monday, October 29, 2007

The Beginning

You Won!! November 2000
2001 Harley Davidson Softail Deuce

I did not know the joy this winning event would have, not as important as birth of children or wedding or all those other special days, but pretty close. The beauty was not the day I won my Harley, but everyday since then has been an adventure. From learning to ride on the back roads - to first trip up to 50 MPH, then the first ramp onto the freeway, first rally, first everything - etc. It has all been a blast. So just 8 years ago and approx 50K miles later I still consider myself extremely lucky! Could have been a Honda, could have been a Kawasaki, could have been a Triumph, could have been a Yamaha, could have been a Victory, could have been a Aprilia, could of been a Ducati, could have been Suzuki or any other brand - But it wasn't, it was a Harley that started it all. So here is a picture of the Deuce that started this journey. I will enter the events along the way and try to build the motorcycle history that I have enjoyed, and I invite any and all to add to it if they feel like it.

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